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Invest in our young people to prevent violence through programming and jobs. Strengthen our public health system and ensure a lasting COVID recovery. Improve community-police relations to make us safer.

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Safe & Healthy

Restore trust by making government more responsive and accessible.

I commit to always being available, responsive, and rooted in the community. Eliminate back-door deals and tax giveaways that don’t benefit us.

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Honest & Transparent Government

Engage parents and teachers to ensure the highest-quality education possible. Support families struggling through remote learning. Invest in our under-funded school buildings.

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Education &

Beautify our parks and fields and improve city services including snowplow and street repair. Lower our electricity bills by investing in renewable energy like solar panels.

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Quality of Life & the Environment

Continue the Zero Fare system for the WRTA to save money and create jobs for Worcester. Hold developers accountable to create good-paying jobs for Worcester residents.  

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Economic Development & Transportation

Expand homeownership opportunities and make property taxes cheaper for working-class families. Invest in our neighborhoods, not just downtown development.

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Housing & City Planning


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