Get Involved


We are excited to launch our Youth Internship Program, where youth can get involved in local politics and our run towards a stronger and safer Worcester. We are committed to engaging, investing and mentoring youth along the way. 

For our summer cohort, this will be an 8 week internship from July 6th - August 27th, 10 hours per week with flexible hours. Youth interns will receive a $1000 stipend.

Youth Interns will be gaining about political education, winning campaign strategies and skills, and actively engaging with community to build a Worcester they believe in. Youth will be expected to support fundraisers, door knocking, phone banking, and most importantly, share your passions and vision for Worcester with us.

Application Deadline: June 25th
Please contact for any questions or concerns.

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Even though volunteering can mean canvassing, phone banking, fundraising, or sharing skills, we love to see support in door knocking!

There is NOTHING close to as effective as knocking on doors. In 2020, this made the difference between winning and losing, both nationally and in MA. As much as we can do with technology, nothing will ever be a replacement for talking to our neighbors. Every time you knock a door it’s potentially a game changer. We need to knock about 40K doors between now and November, which may lead to about 10K conversations and 5K votes to get Thu elected! 

We are out canvassing weekday evenings and most weekends. For our upcoming door knocking schedule call or text (508) 556-0505.